Monday, 1 March 2010

End of the road

That's the end of this experiment then. I started out with £30 and looked to make £300 and I FAILED! I managed to put some money towards the marvellous new pram (above) but I didn't pay for it out right - bit of a shame really. I ended up with just £150-ish to put towards it, not bad but not great considering all that money I had at one stage.
I think what did it for me was that Rangers game where I lumped on quite heavy and the recent Chelsea loss away at Hull.
I enjoyed the whole Betfair experience and it's a pity it's all gone now. Maybe I might start again with another 30quid soon, who knows? Probably won't have time now the nipper is on his way - who am I kidding, I've always got time for some footy!


  1. Dude, what can I say? Come back to BF soon, eh?

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